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Phenced Use Cases

We are working hard to make our system a solution across industries and need cases. Here are a few of the projects we are proud to be working on. 

Image by Maria Lupan


Phenced OG

Eliminate the need for double contract keeping, third-party verification, and manual record keeping, reducing waste and improving efficiency. Phenced's smart QR code tracking system can track and log the location history of any asset in the supply chain, enabling companies to optimize their supply chain management, reduce waste, and improve overall efficiency.


Phenced Witness

Ensuring evidence integrity and protection through encrypted data storage, anonymous reporting, and tamper-proof records, the platform streamlines the evidence submission process and fosters collaboration among stakeholders, including NGOs, governments, and international organizations. Phenced continuously innovates to address limitations in image verification and data accessibility, playing a crucial role in promoting transparency, accountability, and justice in conflict situations.

Image by UX Gun
Image by note thanun


Phenced Edu

Supports content creation, storage, and sharing, including audio lessons, videos, pictures, and charts. Teachers can host their lessons, data, and outlines on Phenced's server and easily share them. Phenced also allows for real-time communication between teachers, students, and parents, and facilitates anonymous learning classrooms. In addition, Phenced can provide an option for teachers to send out small tests or assignments and collect feedback, with the added benefit of allowing students to video themselves taking the test. Phenced also supports video chat.


Phenced Ag

Secure and transparent platform for supply chain management, ensuring traceability of produce from farm to table. Its smart contracts can streamline transactions and automate processes, while its data consolidation capabilities enable efficient data analysis, leading to improved resource utilization and sustainable agricultural practices. Furthermore, Phenced's land record management system offers a reliable method for tracking land ownership and transfers, reducing administrative burdens in the agricultural sector.

Image by Ricardo Gomez Angel
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